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 Programmes range from one week through to one month, and include Pilates, functional training and floor exercises; each session ends with a supervised stretching lesson.

 Lessons in water help strengthen resistance, lose weight and build tone.

 Specific training for any age, gender and physical condition. On a yacht, at home, in your hotel, at sea and mountain… anywhere and everywhere.

Psychophysical fitness is the first thing you need for a happy life!!!

About me

Elena Bertolini

Elena has always been an athlete! She was only 6 years old when she first entered artistic gymnastics competitions. When she was 10, she moved on to another sport and became a judo competitor for more than 12 years. She participated in national and international competitions, and very quickly earned a second dan black belt for sporting merits. Elena’s Pilates background is split between Milan, Barcelona and NY where she became a certified instructor at the legendary “Romana’s Pilates” school of Pilates in New York established by Romana Kryzanowska. Here she was lucky enough to study and work directly under Romana and her daughter Sari in the ‘mother’ school, where she gained her Pilates instructor certification with top marks. In 2009, she returned to Italy and opened “Puro Pilates Studio e Training” which became today EB STUDIO PILATES, the first multifunctional facility in the province of Monza e Brianza qualified to spread the TRUE PILATES METHOD. From 2010 to 2017, Elena worked at the Luxury Hotel Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda (Sardinia) as personal trainer and Pilates instructor during the summer season (June-September). The studio is fully fitted out with the original equipment engineered by Joseph H. Pilates: cadillac, reformer, wunda chair, high chair, ladder barrel, small barrel and spine corrector etc. and is equipped for functional training, supervised stretching and exercising in small groups.


2007 – 2009 Milan, Pilates instructor at The Art of Pilates


2008 Barcelona, Pilates instructor at El Art del Control 


2008 – 2009 New York, True Pilates N.Y.


2009 to present, owner of PURO PILATES & TRAINING and EB STUDIO PILATES

2010 – 2013 (June to September), personal trainer and head Pilates instructor at:


HOTEL CALA DI VOLPE (Costa Smeralda) Sardinia


HOTEL PITRIZZA (Costa Smeralda) Sardinia


HOTEL CERVO TENNIS (Costa Smeralda) Sardinia


2010 El Gouna (EGYPT), she worked with LSN at LAX Gym


2012 – 2013 Gloucestershire (UK), Hay Barn SPA


2012 – 2013 Barbados, St. BartS (CARIBBEAN)


2013 – 2014 Andermatt (Switzerland), The Chedi Hotel


2014, private personal trainer in Malta, Rhodes and Balearic islands


Private personal trainer on yacht with private costumer around the Mediterranean sea


About Activities


The Pilates method alternates stretching and strengthening exercises, done with control. It improves flexibility, builds mobility and muscle tone and focuses on breathing, although it is fundamental to develop mental control for the mind and the body to engage. The foundation of Pilates is centre of the body defined by its inventor, J. H. Pilates as the powerhouse. The powerhouse is constantly activated and comprises all the abdominal muscles (transverse, rectus and external), the gluteal muscles, the inner thighs and the pelvic floor. The movement of drawing the abdomen muscles inwards and upwards protects the spine, unloads the other parts of the body and makes it possible to exercise safely and build a strong, flexible and functional body. Pilates is the foundation for any sport and exercise, regardless of age or gender and you always reach levels beyond your expectations. With regular practice the body changes rapidly, its proportions are redefined and it gains strength and energy. Always creating individual or small group programmes.



I use and teach this kind of training that I believe is complementary to Pilates, even though in this form of exercise, the system is fully loaded, whereas in Pilates gravity is removed from the exercise. Functional training develops cardiovascular tone and neuromuscular coordination by involving the upper body, abdominal muscles and legs all together, in each single exercise. Apart from shaping your body it also leads to considerable improvement in strength, agility and resistance. The end purpose is to be more agile in our daily lives and better trained to play any sports. Lessons can be done using equipment such as: ropes, small and medium weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX suspension system, kettlebells, and complete floor exercises, creating individual programmes.


Another key aspect of my training philosophy is Supervised Stretching, which I provide at the end of the training sessions. This kind of stretching is done on a special bench or on a mat on the floor, with the person completely relaxed. This special stretching works on the whole body. Of course, the focus will be more on the more rigid and less mobile zones, restoring the natural “memory of movement” to joints and muscles. Resulting in fluidity and economy of movement. One of the fundamental aspects of my work is LISTENING. My passion for movement, sport and my interest in new disciplines have driven me to study and practise them all my life. It is necessary to find the emotional, traumatic, postural and relational cause and give back the right motivation. I am totally convinced that this set of systems together will take your training sessions far beyond your expectations. Pilates training in water (Lessons in water to strengthen resistance, lose weight and build tone)

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